Madura Indian Cuisine presents to you

Endowed with a rich cultural heritage and glorious tradition, Madurai is grouped among the antique cities of India and its history dates back to 6th century B.C. Temples, monuments and ancient cultural wonders are abound in Madurai. Madurai’s Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple is one of the greatest architectural marvels of India and ranked 26th place in the list of top nominees for the new Seven Wonders of the world . Built by Pandya King 'Kulasekara' and reconstructed later by Ruler Thirumalai Nayak, the temple has patronized literature, art, music and dance ever since its inception. From the beautiful temples to the vintage charm of the yesteryears, Madurai allures the tourists from all over. But apart from the temples, Madurai is famous for its special cuisines that will surely pamper your taste buds and Madura Indian cuisine proudly brings the ethnic flavors of madurai to SF Bay area. At Madura, we take pride in presenting you with a wide array of food and the warm hospitality of Madurai, rich in tradition, dynamic culture and the diverse culinary repertoire. At Madura, we have taken enormous efforts to keep recipes authentic and periodic chef's special menus reveal some of the fine recipes learned from generations along with culinary expertise.